I FINALLY found a Lender who will lend money on Vacant Land, I’m not talking about a construction loan.

I myself, am in the market for a piece of vacant land however, I do not have the cash in hand to drop onto a piece of land with no dwelling on it.

I got to sit down with one of the lenders whom I have worked with for over 8 years. I first asked if she could qualify me for vacant land and she said “not unless there is a dwelling on it” she then said: Few lenders will loan on vacant land alone, but I do know of one of my associates that I keep in contact with that can help.

Amber Bennett at Academy Mortgage (whom I also use personally- 505-263-6472) then referred me to Karen Hall. She works at My Bank here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her office number is 505-861-4101.

When one door closes, another door opens.

This is how I do Real Estate, I find someone who can help me. I do not take NO for an answer easily, and I fight for my clients as I would do for myself.

 Lesson: Never Give Up On Your Dream.

If Real Estate Is What You Seek, Call me, I have options and plans to get you what you want. After all, I sell lifestyles not homes or property :-)

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