My name is Stephanie Webb. I got into Real Estate by accident. I was going to school to finish my degree in Culinary Arts. I had a vision of owning and running my own Bed and Breakfast and specializing in baked goods, but such is life, you find an opportunity and you take it!

I was introduced into Real Estate by a Realtor who worked for RECA Better Homes and Gardens. After I worked my way around all office positions with numerous large and small Real Estate Companies, I decided it was time to sell properties on my own. A few years later, my husband joined me and we sold homes together.

You get to a point in your life when you have an "AHA moment" because the company you currently work for is all about paying corporate instead of assisting the customer who need your help?! Well its time to move on!

John(Arizona/NewMexican) and I( Nebraska/GUAM/CNMI/New Mexican) met with a co Realtor Leandro, (Native New Mexican) and the three of us had the same goal in mind. Is there a company out there that will truly help our clients? What if our client can't pay a full listing commission because they are on the verge of a short sale or a foreclosure? What if we could do a little more than a for sale by owner but let the seller lead? Is there a company that won't breathe down our throat each time we take a commission lower than 6% plus NMGRT because our seller will be upside down? What about a company that can help us to keep more money in our pocket while helping clients who would go into short sale otherwise?

We couldn't find one.

The three of us sat at my dining room table, we came up with the name Latte Stone Realty, LLC, we put Leandro through QB classes because he had the personality to build this company and manage it effectively and efficiently to bring it into the next level. I got started on websites, social media, Forms, legal paperwork, licenses and everything else that a successful office would need. We met with our Broker at the time, said good bye to corporations, and burst out the door running.

The rest was history.

Here we are today. Latte Stone Realty, LLC. We have helped hundreds of family be able to list and sell their property with options to be a FSBO with Realtor assistance, Flat Fee Listings (My First flat fee listing was a beautiful home in Corrales for a million dollars), and Limited Service Listings. We have assisted investors to purchase single family residential, condos, town homes,duplexes, 4-plexes, multi unit properties, vacant land and luxury homes. 

We also opened a Property Management Company that assisted our clients who could not sell their home to have an option to rent it with either a Full Service Property Management Contract or a limited service contract- My understanding is we are the only ones in Albuquerque to do this! 

In 2015 we finally decided we were expanding our Business.

We hired our first Realtor Associate in 2015. Jennifer Alderete who also runs and manages LS Property Management Services LLC and in 2016 we hired our second Debbie Martinez and our Compliance/Transaction Coordinator Lindseyanne Sollien.

We have current plans to expand via Virtual Office to Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Internationally to the Mariana Islands particularly Saipan because my mom's family is native to the beautiful island and I feel that I am the one to help with Real Estate options back home.

Do you want to join our team? We are looking for REALTOR associates and Qualifying Brokers. You will be impressed with our splits! Call or Text Leandro today at 505-280-0238 for a confidential interview.

Our Company was born to put our clients needs first, it was then altered and tweaked to provide a safe haven for our Realtors to go do the best job they can for their clients without worrying about negotiations to make it a win win situation.

We are here to help our community, We are here to serve our clients and we are here to make sure that our REALTORS are trained, continuing education and always helping our community to the best of their ability. This is why we continue to receive referrals from past clients. 

We want to thank our Real Estate Family (past, current ,and future clients), our followers on social media and all who have made it possible to be the success we are today. Without you we would not be here and we are grateful for your trust and confidence in us.

REALTORS: It was brought to my attention that an instructor at a local real estate school is telling students that it is a requirement to hang your Real Estate license with a Corporate Company. Or that it is illegal to work out of a virtual office FALSE! False! False!

Our company contacts the Real Estate Commission with any questions or concerns. We abide by policy so please do not sell yourself short. There are many smaller companies with Qualifying Brokers who adhere to policies and procedures. We are capable of providing you a commission split without a franchise fee percentage being taken out at every sale.

Interview multiple companies before making your choice. You OWE IT TO YOURSELF and YOUR FUTURE!

Sincerely, Your Real Estate Team at Latte Stone Realty, LLC 505-977-0786